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Why You Shouldn't Risk Your Back Or Your Truck When You Want A Tree Removed From Your Yard

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Many Australians are blessed with having a variety of different trees, shrubs and plants scattered throughout their yard. While many of these are in unique places that make your garden look and feel very natural and homely, sometimes a tree can develop in the wrong position. If that is the case, it can be tempting to try and remove it by yourself. However, doing so, even with a strong truck and a bit of elbow grease, is a bad idea. Here is why you should always utilise professional tree removal services when you need to clear out some frustrating obstacles in your yard.

Ensuring A Safe Fall

If you have a large tree, then making sure that it falls in the right direction is key. On your own, this might seem like an easy thing to get right, but it is quite complex and can be very dangerous if you get it wrong. It is particularly unsafe if you live in a densely populated area and there is a chance the tree could reach another person's property. Tree removal is safe when done properly, but that requires an investment into a professional to take over the reins and supervise the entire process.

Removing The Tree

After your tree has been felled, it still needs to be moved. Most of the time it will be chopped up into little pieces for easier transport. That still needs to be done by a professional because the trunk can still weigh several tonnes. Trying to lift individual pieces of the tree after you have sliced and diced it can be fraught with risk for your back. A professional tree removal company has the right equipment and knowledge to remove trees of all shapes and sizes, and they will provide all the people you need to make sure your garden is left spotless once they leave.

Stump Problems

Once the tree itself has been removed, you are still left with a stump that can be very securely fastened into the earth. Trying to rip it out with a truck's tow bar or burning it can be quite risky and could cost you thousands in damages. Tree removal companies are great at either grinding the stump down so it is below the surface or digging it out so it is gone once and for all. The way you intend to use the land after this process will determine what removal procedure you need, but either way, you should use a professional. 

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