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Why Removing Some Trees Might Be the Only Available Solution for You

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Trees are beautiful, and they are usually the most majestic part of your landscape. They don't just create a beautiful landscape, but they also create a micro-climate of fresh air. Trees also provide the shade you need when relaxing outdoors. However, you have to take great care of your trees, especially as they age. If you don't, they may compromise your safety and that of your home environment in a big way. For example, an old tree with weak roots may fall any time during a storm. See the four reasons why it might be necessary to have some of your trees removed. 

They Are Showing Massive Health Damage

The first category of trees that you should think about removing are those with extensive health damage. The damage could result from pests that attack the leaves and the branches. Health damage could spread to the other trees in the neighbourhood, damaging them. The damage might also weaken the tree, leading to branches that crack in the storm and other problems. It is advisable to get a tree removal professional to assess the extent of the health damage. They will recommend removal if the damage affects most of the crown and extends to the trunk.

They Are Leaning on Something

Another instance where you should consider tree removal is when your tree starts leaning to one side. Of course, trees will lean on one side if their roots are weak. In most cases, leaning indicates a lack of support. If the tree leans towards the house, the driveway, fence, patio or the road, it should be removed. If a leaning tree isn't removed in good time, it can lead to massive catastrophes. For instance, the tree could fall onto your roof and collapse it. It could also fall on top of the neighbouring property or house, leading to financial liabilities.

They Are Dying or Already Dead

The other obvious sign that the tree should be removed is when it's dying or is already dead. A dying or dead tree is dangerous in many ways. It doesn't take up carbon dioxide or release oxygen, and it doesn't benefit the ecosystem in a big way. It is also a liability because it can fall and damage property. Dead and dry trees are also an eyesore.

They Are Causing Infrastructural Damages

It feels good to see your trees grow. However, it's good to know that their roots are also growing as they grow, creating an underground network. The root network may greatly interfere with the sewer, tanks, plumbing or even the foundation. The damage the trees cause to your plumbing and foundation will cost a lot of money to repair. If the trees are responsible for the infrastructural damage in your home, it's advisable to contact a tree removal expert to remove them.

Trees are usually a great asset, but they can also be a great liability. If you notice that the trees are dangerous in certain ways, look for a tree removal service. They will assess the trees and determine how they should be removed.