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Have You Done Your Tree Risk Assessment Before The Summer Storms Arrive?

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Spring is a fantastic time to head out into the back garden and get it tidied up ready for the summer entertaining months which are not too far away. As someone who has recently moved into a home with a lot of trees on the property, you have concerns about the health of a couple of them. You know that dead trees can become flying missiles during summer storms, but you're not too sure whether these trees can still be saved. One of the best ways to find out about the health of your trees is to arrange for a risk assessment to be done, and these are the points you need to know before you book one in.

What Is A Tree Risk Assessment?

A tree risk assessment is a health assessment of all of the trees on your property. The assessment is handled by an arborist who works for a tree service company. Your trees are checked closely for signs of:

  • fungus or other tree diseases which are making your tree weak at the roots
  • dead tree branches which could snap off in high wind
  • signs of insect infestation, such as termites, which are weakening the tree from the inside out.

Not all tree issues are immediately visible to the untrained eye, which is why you need a professional arborist to check the trees for you.

What Happens After A Tree Risk Assessment?

Once the arborist has checked all the trees, a report is prepared which makes recommendations. Trees which are dead or close to death will receive a removal recommendation. Strong winds during summer storms can push trees over. Since they have the potential to land on houses or vehicles, dead trees must be removed before the summer storm season arrives in November. However, not all trees need to be removed because they are diseased. Sometimes all that is needed is the removal of dead branches. Then, the tree is allowed to stay in the ground to see if it can naturally recover from the issue which was making it sick.

How Often Should A Tree Risk Assessment Be Done?

It is best for an assessment to be done annually. By doing so, you can always be sure that your trees are in the best of health to stand up to the sometimes violent summer weather.

Call a tree removal service now to arrange a risk assessment this spring. The sooner you get them inspected, the more confident you can be that they'll make it through the summer months ahead.