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Things to consider when hiring a tree removal specialist

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Tree removal seems like a simple enough process until you realise just how much skill and knowledge is involved. Here is a guide to what a professional tree carer is (also known as an arborist), how they're different from tree loppers and what to look for when hiring one.

What is an arborist?

An arborist is someone who has an extensive knowledge of tree care through both experiences and also studies. Recognised professional arborists are required to pass a comprehensive exam and continue to regularly study the field in order to keep their certification. This is referred to as the Code of Ethics. For this reason, they are the best option for tree removal and maintenance jobs because they are often aware of all the latest arboriculture techniques, which will ensure you get the best possible solution for your needs.

An arborist certification is known as the ISA Certification for arborists. It is a voluntary course that measures competence and knowledge needed to ensure the health and required handling of trees. The certification is not sponsored by the government and is administered by a private entity known as the International Society of arboriculture. The purpose is for individuals who truly care about the importance of proper tree care to separate themselves from others and show they are committed to performing tree care tasks at a professional level.

For consumers, you'll want to be sure you ask the individual or company you are interested in hiring for your tree removal if they are indeed certified arborists. This is part of the criteria you should be looking for but not the sole basis of hire as certification does not prove the arborist is capable of providing high-quality work.

Arborist vs. lopper

One common misconception is that arborists and tree loppers do the same thing. This could be the furthest thing from the truth as if you speak with an arborist, they will attest to the fact that the lopper simply removes the tree but does not take the time to plan for the tree's health beyond that. For instance, if you're interested in removing and replanting the tree, you'll likely want to go with an experienced and proven arborist. Loppers are more concerned with removing the tree as quickly and efficiently as possible, not on maintaining the tree's health.

Hiring an arborist

When you're considering hiring an arborist, you'll want to first be comfortable with their knowledge of tree care, but you'll also want to know about how many projects they've completed that were similar to your project's needs. Did they ever run into any problems? If so, how did they resolve them? Is tree removal your only option? If it is, is it possible to relocate the tree to another area on your property? Your arborist will be able to answer all these questions and devise a plan of action that makes you happy and maintains the tree's health if possible.

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