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Sudden Limb Drops: Why Eucalyptus Trees Shed Their Limbs and What to Look Out For

A healthy eucalyptus tree can provide an area with many benefits. They grow quickly, up to 15 feet per year, offer shade, act as a natural wind barrier and are also visually appealing. They also attract wildlife, such as lorikeets, eastern rosellas and possums. However, despite their hardiness and ability to adapt to most climates […]

Heart Rot – Identification, Treatment and Prevention

If you have mature trees on your property, you should have them pruned and looked over annually by an experienced local tree services company.  An experienced arborist will be able to spot the early signs of diseases, such as heart rot, and take steps to prevent extensive damage to the tree from occurring.  In between […]

7 Issues to Address When Planting a Tree in Your Yard

Whether you have just moved into a new home, or have decided to give your existing yard a makeover, adding a tree to your property offers a multitude of benefits. As well as the obvious qualities like clean air, shade and beauty; if you stick to native Australian trees such as the glorious Golden Wattle, […]

A Quick Guide To Environmentally Friendly Tree Removal

Trees are great. They produce the oxygen we need to survive and keep our air clean; they provide vital habitats for wildlife; they give us healthy, delicious food–and that’s not the half of it. One of the oldest living things on earth is a tree in Sweden, thought to be almost ten thousand years of […]

Options For Palm Stump Removal

If you have a palm tree on your land that has to be removed due to disease or damage, you may find that you are left with the stump.  It’s important that the stump is removed in order to prevent its colonisation by wood eating pests and to improve the soil to allow successful future […]

How to Treat Trees Affected By Construction Work

Do you have trees in your landscape that have been negatively affected by construction work during a home renovation project? Read on and discover some measures that can be taken to restore the health of those trees. Improving Aeration The soil in the root zone of the trees may have been compacted when construction vehicles […]

Why Tree Lopping Service Is Necessary

The trees in your yard are very important: they filter dust particles from the air, provide shade when it is extremely hot outside, reduce the impact of adverse weather elements, such as strong winds, etc., and can provide so many other essential benefits. As a result, you might not deem it necessary to remove any […]

Bats In Your Trees: How To Save Old Trees And Protect New Ones

In some parts of Australian, Flying Fox bats can be a very big problem. Just look at Batemans Bay in New South Wales where over 100,000 bats have set up home to see how much damage can be done. As someone who has recently had a smaller flying fox problem in your back garden, it […]

Tree-Removal Mistakes Far Too Many Homeowners Make

Trying to remove a tree on your property can often be a mistake; the work is typically more dangerous and complicated than you realize, and many homeowners wind up damaging their property during the process. Note a few tree-removal mistakes that are very common with homeowners so you can avoid these yourself or determine whether […]

Three Pests That Tree Stumps Can Attract

A tree stump in your garden may not seem like a huge problem, especially if you think it will take time and effort to remove the offending object. However, tree stumps aren’t as harmless as you may think. Learn more about three garden pests that a tree stump can attract, and find out why you […]

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